A 63 year old Newbie

Grizzly Bear

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I am a 63 year old Newbie who has gotten the itch to make knives professionally. I have built a shop and bought
the best equipment that I could afford - TW90 grinder, Jet upright metal band saw, Baldor buffer, Heat Treat Oven, etc.

This is going to be a new carrier for me. I am retired and can't stand doing nothing. I need to get my juices flowing

Unfortunately for me, I have recently been diagnosed with Glaucoma. I don't know how long I have before I can't see
anymore. I am in poor health but am getting better.

Do you guys think I have a chance at becoming a professional knife maker at this late stage in my life? I know most of
you guys started in your late twenties - thirties and have spent decades on learning your trade.

Can you suggest any good books to learn from. I am compiling my own manuals - Wood, Steel, Methods, Tools and
Metallurgy from internet searches, knife forums and U-tube videos. I am also going to attend Gil Hibben's knife class this October..

I would appreciate any advice and encouragement.


Grizzly Bear


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I think the single best thing for shortening that learning curve would be to spend some time in the shop with another maker. Good luck!

Jim Moenck

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I agree with MVPeterson. If you can find a knife maker close by who is willing to help you, it will do wonders for your learning curve. I was lucky enough to find a good maker a few miles away, and his help has been wonderful. Sounds like you have the right equipment, so jump right in with both feet. Post your work and questions here, and you'll get a lot of help too. Good luck.