a freind just started to hunt


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this isn´t a fancy custom :)

a friend of mine just started to hunt,
she wanted a knife like noone else had
and easy ti find if she dropped it..

att the same time a usable design...

so i came upp with this.... :)

overall length 8" the blade is made out of 12C27
scales are pink G-10 and the blade has a coating of pink duracote.

still have to sew on the black seam just for a highlight.




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Hot pink sheath!! (squeel like a schoolgirl) That's sure to be one she will never be able to loose! I actually like it...though I'm not crazy about pink, it looks like a very nice knife.


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:) she says she doesn´t like pink.... but usually has something pink on her everyday...
all i can say about is that it´s special.....


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There are tons of women I know that would love to have an all pink knife !
I think you did a great job on it . What did you use to get the extreme pink sheath? I've not seen a dye for that , I know they have leather paint , if they have a dye for that I would like to know !


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it was a leather dye...
it´s a colour called Cyclamen (name of a flower)

the brand of the dye is a danish one.



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Are you going to make a Ken Knife so Barbie & Ken can go on a hunt together?
Just joking.
I purchased some Pink G-10 liners from Boss Dog I think? Anyway, The look great on one of my Culinary Rhino Chops with a Blue Dyed maple Handle. It looks great and some lucky lady will end up with it.

I will post some pics tomorrow!