A2 cowboy knife

This is a prototype of the "limited production" knife I am working on. Both the sheath and handles are going through a mild redesign but the blade shape will stay the same. Yes the handle is very rough...I rushed to see the "look"...lol.

I call this a cowboy knife because a cowboy buddy asked me to design it. I kept sketching and every coupla days he'd look at my newest sketch and say, "Smaller!"...one day he said, "Perfect!". In reality it makes a very nice EDC with the clip version of the sheath. I have a couple gals that want one because it's "cute"...whatever...lol.

I made the hollow grind steep and short to keep the blade strong...some of these cowboys/ranchers are hard on a knife. If I make a personal one I may narrow the angle a bit and grind up towards the spine a bit more...I'm pretty easy on knives as I carry a tiny leatherman also. I showed this to my cowboy buddy and he said, "The handle should be a little thicker....so you can get a good grip to dig into things..." I did a slight inward shudder...lol. Dig into things??LOL...But I am going to make them thicker....

material is A2...have not done a LN treatment but this cuts well and holds an edge and seems very tough. Blade is 1/8 thick with a steep hollow grind on it. A buddy is going to loan me his LN dewar to make 50 of these.

blade to plunge line: 2.55"

Handle length: 3.125'

overall length: 6.4"

questions or comments welcome!

DSC01260.JPG DSC01262.JPG

John Wilson

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Looks very handy. I'm a big fan of pocketknife sized utility knives. In most people's day to day life that is the most realistic and appropriate size for everyday tasks, and the small size makes it unobtrusive. I started making a lot of neck knives for that reason, but discovered that most people love the knife but don't care for a knife hanging around their neck, so I began making belt sheaths for them.


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looks nice, I like that you can carry that right in your front pocket. I wear a belt knife but dang, it's uncomfortable sometimes in the truck with the seat belt clip gizmo right up against it.

Von Gruff

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It is good to get these ocasional orders where we know what we will be doing for a few weeks and can almost go into auto mode. I find I do them is 10 knife batches for convenience.

C Craft

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Ted, either you got real small hands or that one is on the smallish side. No offense meant, so please don't take it that way!! Just trying to be funny!:D

I like the design! I just opened the folder I carry as my EDC and it is about the same length opened as your prototype! It sounds like your buddy is a user / abuser, but hey that is what a EDC often gets used for! I have carried a pocket knife since I was about 8, so I know the things you are not supposed to do with a knife but, I still do them sometimes! :eek::oops::rolleyes::D
Thanks cliff. After my buddy saw the knife he said he could wear it as a pocket knife also. He goes through Spydercos like a nine year old through a box of Chicklets.....

I thought a small knife would be easy...BUT....the details are more pronounced/noticeable on a small knife. now I know why all those beautiful little folders are so "expensive"...lol

Cliff...I think you meant I had Shaquille O'neal hands....lol

C Craft

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Ted, there was a fellow and I can't think of his name. He's on another forum, I think. I got such a headache tonight can't think straight. Anyway he would post picks of some of his knives and just about the time you are getting ready to compliment him you look at the next pic and it is laying next to a dime and you realize that the knife you thought was special is outstanding cause all those details are in miniature!!!