ABS Board knife- dagger

Kevin R. Cashen

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I just finished the knife that I was asked to make as a member of the board of directors of the American Bladesmith Society. The knife will be auctioned at the 2013 Blade Show in Atlanta with all proceeds going to benefit the ABS.

It is a dagger based on designs taken from an Italian rapier of around 1550. The blade is 12.5 inches of twisted O-1/L6 320 layer damascus, marquenched using high and low temp salt baths. The fittings are fire blued steel with silver florets encrusted on the surface, all carving, engraving and encrusting was done by me. The handle is wrapped in iron wire, as was appropriate for the period, and all is bound tight on either end with twisted copper wire turks heads. Overall length is 18".

You will see more of this knife in the coming months as the ABS get professional photography done and gets the word out, but I just finished photographing it myself and thought I would give folks a sneak peek
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Michael Kemp

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Kevin - you do stunning work like this and still find time to answer bonehead heat treat questions from folks like me!

Thanks! (and I /do/ mean *stunning*)

~ Michael

paul savage

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Had to have another look and Yup.... I'm still loving this piece of art. Maybe because this is something that I can interperate, unlike a painting of a white stripe on a white background. Thanks again Kevin.


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Beautiful work. Love it! Especially the iron wire handle
And copper Turks head. It all comes together perfectly.


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This is one of those things you look at and have to remind yourself a human being MADE that.just absolutely stunning. If I can ever create something 1\10 as good as that, I can die happy!