AEBL and Amboyna kitchen knife


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Here's one I just finished up. I've done about 12 or 15 chef knives, but after some feedback from a professional chef, and after gawking at some of his $2500+ knives, I made a few changes to this one. This knife is narrower in the neck and has more contour to the handle than I've done before. I also ground this one thinner on the bevels than I ever have before. The steel is AEBL, and the handle material is green dyed stabilized amboyna burl. OAL is 11" with a 6.5" blade. Thickness is 3/32" and the blade is 1.375" tall.


Randy Lucius

Truly a finely crafted knife!! Very well done. It’s looks gorgeous and appears to be a functional design as well. Nice job!!