All black/dark knife question


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I am making a knife for a friend who wants all black, I will be attempting first etch with ferric chloride (1:3 ratio), have a problem thinking ahead. I am only able to make full tang knives at my skill level, how do I keep spine above scales etched when shaping them? I glue scales on after etch and shape, is there a way to etch again after shaping for the spine?


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It depends on your handle material. Most dark woods and synthetics will not be affected by ferric.
You would have to test it first on a scrap piece of your handle material..
I use a lot of ironwood scales and damascus, After the handle shaping I use a Q tip to apply ferric along the exposed areas of the tang.
It really doesn't stain the ironwood, and I haven't had trouble with G10 or micarta.
Of course you could make removable scales or get them shaped using temporary pins and then glue them on permanently after you finish your etch.