Any shipping problems?

mike miller

I hesitated but sent some knives to a seller in NYC. From Oklahoma to there with Priority was normally two days. I sent this last Thursday and tracking says it may get there Tuesday.
Is any one else experiencing delays or problems?


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I'm not a fan of usps for shipping anything of value. Mainly because getting insurance on the package is a pain and I had a bad experience where they drove a fork truck over a package and refused to pay for it. You could see the tire track across the box. The postmaster at that location told me there was nothing he could do. I've also had them lose a package in their building (not a big building) and told me UPS never delivered it to them. They actually said the UPS drivers lie all the time about delivering packages to them. They found my package several weeks later.

I just do UPS

Ty Adams

I haven't had a problem with deliveries to my house. Commercial accounts is a different story, Florida to Montana was 8 days. Italy to Montana 3 1/2 weeks, they said it was quarantined because of covid... I ordered the parts, they shipped from Italy, went to Germany the same day. The next day they landed in Ohio, an hour and a half later they were in Denver. Then the parts sat there until this Friday.


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Yes. Shipping is a nightmare right now, regardless of carrier. The 'rona has them all swamped and standing in molasses. My wife works for a big international carrier, says we've been at post Black Friday volume for months. Which is about 3-5x normal.


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I am a retired UPS driver so I talk to drivers all the time. Sean is right they are working them harder then peak season. Mainly because they won’t hire extra drivers Like they do at peak. They say two people can’t be in the truck so they can’t do any training.
I am getting my supplies without to much trouble. A couple of day delays but that is about it.


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For me it's been all over the place. Some items I'm shipping are arriving days before they are projected to, and others reach a certain location, and seem to sit for days before moving on. Doesn't seem to matter who the carrier is.....USPS or UPS. (those are the only carriers I use)

The experience Chris talked about with USPS.... I had similar, only with UPS. I had purchased two Burgmaster OB drill presses.....UPS literally destroyed both of them, and the fight was on (I had insured both packages). Fought for MONTHS, and never got a cent for the insurance claim. It's interesting how much you learn about an organization's customer service when there's $1K+ on the line.

One thing that has really been in my craw is Amazon. They took my money for a Prime membership, and the ONLY reason I paid for that membership, was the "2 day free shipping" as it was advertised then. I personally think they are using the Covid-19 thing as an excuse to save themselves tons of money on shipping, by not honoring the benefits they promised to Prime members. The last couple of item I've purchased that were marked "Prime", have taken 5-7 days to get to me. Frankly, since I feel like they've been shafting me, I tend to buy from other places, and often time get it much sooner then via Amazon. I doubt I'll be renewing my Prime membership.

J. Doyle

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USPS is hit and miss right now. Especially hard hit areas like new york, new jersey, Detroit.

I had a bowie knife disappear for a month. Shipped on April 29 then nothing. Just yesterday it finally scanned again and is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow.

Mail is just sitting in large storage containers waiting to be scanned and sorted. Many sort facilities are understaffed and overloaded with packages. Have faith and patience. Everything will (Probably)eventually show up.


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My in-laws live in nyc.....and the wife has Sent three packages in the last month. All have taken 7 to 10 days and generally two days longer then the estimate. Good thing they all arrived.

Motor City Mike

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I've had over a dozen packages come and go since this whole corona thing happened and 1 was delivered on time

Mostly with USPS but UPS and FedEx too

I had 20 silver America Eagles disappear into the USPS abyss for 2 weeks. Thankfully they eventually showed up

Heck I've got one coming from Hong Kong. Got the tracking info yesterday. I'm expecting a month or two least


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USPS as much as I hate saying it is pretty bad. Like others on this thread have said its hit or miss with them! I've had things I've ordered show up in 2 days (or early) and I've had stuff not show for 2 weeks that was suppose to be there in a few days. Half the time the tracking isn't even updated! I've had orders say they were in a distribution warehouse for days and its already been delivered! Now don't get me STARTED ON AMAZON!!

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Priority mail stopped officially being two day delivery a couple years ago. Many, maybe most deliveries for regional priority mail is still two days. By regional I mean dividing the country into 1/3's. If something goes to the "other 2/3's" we are seeing most deliveries adding a day to what ever it was prior to the virus. UPS in most cases also added a day. Both have been absolutely slammed by the volume of mail order deliveries. I am impressed they have managed to keep up with it as well as they have. We have seen several times when a package or even a letter gets stalled out somewhere, sometimes for days. This has been getting less frequent as local businesses reopen or restrictions are eased.


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If you're interested, I can tell you how things are from inside trucking companies. I worked there myself for 15 years.
I asked former colleagues about usps who also worked there and periodically changed their opinion of that company. I went to FedEx, but I also know of cases where packages were not delivered in the right product form. My coworkers have gone to other companies to deliver small packages via usps - it's a cakewalk. Just crap!!! They have a competitor that track speedpack parcels and constantly notifies customers when they receive it. Our guys complained that they were better, and it was customary for them at work to notify customers as well, but the customers are of a slightly different "sort". Everyone started getting pissed off as they were being texted every day. At any time. In the end, the packages were delivered with damage and the notifications kept coming, although when asked to give a track number - they refused.