Anyone Know why the KMG grinder site won't open ???

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Anyone Know why the KMG grinder site won't open ??? I am still having problems with my clone platen and wanted to look at the site for a possible replacement. However every time I try to go to the site it says it can not connect for some reason!

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Maybe it doesn't like you! :p j/k

It's a mystery. Same on my end. Curious. What do you mean you're having problems with your "clone" platen??

I'm simply curious as to what problems a platen can pose?

C Craft

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OK remember you asked. The thing about a KMG from Beaumont, it may be high but, there is a reason. He has several of those 150 200K CNC machines he uses to cut out each part. Therefore unless the machine goes crazy the quality is built into the machine!! However when you build a clone, each hole you drill, each thread you cut, each piece of metal that is cut off more than a 100 thousands. Well you get the idea the precession went out of the window.

Having said all that. My clone was cooking along fine until I decided I needed a 10" -12" flat on the platen. So I sit out to cut out a new body from 3/8" steel. The whole thing looked good but from day one it had problems! Not bad but enough I had to do some readjusting. I could not get the tracking right out of the hole!

I ended up moving my drive pulley and it seemed to fix it. Fast-forward a few weeks and I began to pick up a bit of noise. Refer to this thread!

Well after I realized the rubber had walked off of my small wheel, I was sure I knew what the problem was! So I re-glued the rubber after cleaning the wheel and the inside of the rubber! I also pulled the old press in bearing and installed two new ones I ordered! So today I re-install the small wheel on the platen and decide to take it for a test run. I tighten the belt, start up and track the belt. So far so good. No way to give it a proper testing without grinding something. About 5 minutes into the grind, I began to notice a vibration, which turns into a roar. I look down at the bottom wheel I had just repaired and reinstalled and there is some kind of black goop coming off of it. So I hit he kill switch and once again pull the wheel.

Well at this point I was going to throw up a pic that showed the platen. However I got struck by lighting about 2 weeks ago now and I do not have all my pics transferred to the new PC. However if you go to the other thread, you will be able to see the pics I spoke of!!

So to bring this puppy on home for a conclusion. I have decided that the problem began when I reworked my platen the last time! Soooooooooo, either one of the holes that the bolts that hold the wheels is taped crooked and is cantering the wheel, or the flat of the platen is off. The excess drag of this being off a bit and that is what is causing tracking issues.

You know how you get that little voice in the back of your head that is trying to clue you in on what is going on, and yet you can't see your way clear to listen to it!!

1st clue I had to move the drive wheel from where it has been since I built this machine about three years ago!

2nd clue when tracking to get it right I am at the limit of where it should be on the tracking wheel!

3rd clue it now has twice run the rubber off of the same wheel that has been on the platen since I first built it! This time the rubber walked off and up against the frame. So I now have a 2" wheel with new bearing and a rubber covering that is about 1 7/8" wide. Yep it burned about an 1/8 of an inch off of the rubber before I could hit the kill switch!!

So to put this train of thought on it final siding, I have had enough and whether I can afford it or not I have to look into some new wheels from KMG and or a whole new platen. I was just getting to where I really like that new longer flat surface. That would mean ordering something custom or building one myself. If I go with the building one myself, I have got to find someone who has a mill to drill and tap everything 100%, so when done I have no problems!!!

Like it or lump it I use this grinder all the time when I am doing metal fabrication and I don't know how I did it before I built it! And since I use the platen about 90% of the time I am grinding, I am dead in the water without my grinder!!! I has got to be fixed and quickly!!

In short there is a reason that a KMG is so high. The quality is built into the machine!!

Opaul just tried your link and it is working. Could have just been site trouble earlier today!!! They have evidently reworked the site as I can't find the platen by itself.

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I got ya C Craft. Yeah, it does sound like the wheel is canted, causing the belt to apply more force on the inside or outside of the wheel.

Well, if you wanted to grab the stock and make your shape, then mark where you want your holes and the sizes, I would be more than happy to drill/mill it for the hardware.

Little bit of time on your end I understand, with getting the stock, making it, then shipping it to me to drill the holes on my mill. But the offer stands my friend.

The 12" platen surface I'm using with a 15" platen backer plate is working fantastic!


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C Craft, I sent you a message (or started a conversation). Nathan the Machinist recently did a run of extra large c-frames for KMGs. They're made with significantly more precision than the KMG platens, and might be just what you're looking for. If you just want a regular size, he may have some of those as well.

C Craft

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David, I appreciate the offer! If Having the machine that allows you to do the work square is what precision is all about! I had all the machines I would like to have well,................. my one car garage would not hold it all!! As in this case I tried to keep it precise but one little bit off and it is causing me problems!!!

Thanks Andrew, PM sent to you!! That is just what I am looking for!!
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I just like to offer help where I know I can. :)You wrote this,

"If I go with the building one myself, I have got to find someone who has a mill to drill and tap everything 100%, so when done I have no problems!!!"

I've received so much help through the last 4 years since the accident, when I see something like that, and I know I can help, I always will. I do wish you luck with that part and hope it works well for you.
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