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Looks like the next two weeks are goin to be frigid! Here in NC lows in the teens and not getting above 20’s for a few days.
My daughter in Texas - about the same but then sky rocketing to a balmy 70 as the mass move out.
Yeah better make sure pipe heaters are working! Don't wanna have to fix a waterline in that weather!
The crawl space in our new house is sealed and conditioned. I did buy insulated boots for the outside water bibbs today and have them installed. I've dealt with burst water pipes and frozen water lines in our old house - not fun at all.
For the fellow forum members that live in those northern states - I salute you! I don’t think I could do it. I have a friend in Maine that thinks most NC winter weather is spring in Maine.
Here, north of Chicago 35 miles and a mile from Lake Michigan, it has just started to snow some slow drifting flakes at noon. Temp is 30F. Supposed to have -6F and windy tonight but they have downgraded the snow prediction from 16-18" down to 4" over the last two days so who knows. It'd be nice to have some ground cover for Christmas.
It's raining today but tomorrows temperatures will drop about 20 degrees beginning around noon time to get in to the teens by tomorrow late afternoon. We had a huge ice storm in December 2002. Give me cold anyday but leave the ice accumulation out of it. I worked for the power company (not as a lineman) but storm support and thats not a job I miss at all.
Oh you light weights! And, this is coupled with power outages.
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There "oughtta" be a price for getting to live in MT! :) Cold is that price! Hope you don't have too bad a time with the power, Bob. You have a big generator as normal out that way? I need to get one.

We've dropped about 20F the past three hours, snow turned from big flakes to near sleet, and the wind is in control. It's 8 out there now and -35 WC. My wife went out when she remembered she forgot to get birdseed yesterday; I think she may have insisted so she got to use the 4x4 in the Tahoe. LOL She's disappointed it's not snowing heavily, as she was looking forward to using the snowblower. Having never used one until about ten years ago when I couldn't work it any longer, she looks at moving snow with a machine as a treat. After nearly 50 years with me, she's a little crazy, too, nowadays! Ha ha. Winter has always been our favorite season.

Good luck staying warm, everyone!
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Oh you light weights! And, this is coupled with power outages.
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Many years ago I worked in Park City one winter when it was close to that. With the wind chill. That's cold!

Today I filled up the gas tank in my car at 19 degrees and light breeze started blowing. It's taken me all afternoon to warm up from that.
What type of heat do you have? Indoor temp is only 66
We use propane for both the house and shop. The house uses in-floor heating, the shop has an overhead space heater. We set the house at 68 and last night it had a hard time keeping up. I have the shop set at min 55 and bump it to low 60's when I'm working.
We're used to -20s for most winters. In the past 60 years I've lived in Montana, this is the coldest I can recall. Fortunately we didn't get the wind that other parts of the state got, that's when the bulls lose their jewels.
You have a big generator as normal out that way?
We have 2 portable generators that can handle the house and shop. Fortunately, the outages haven't lasted long enough to fire up the generators... yet.

What's crazy is that by the middle of next week we're suppose to have daytime temps in the 40's, nights in 20-30's.
Currently 50 degrees where I'm at in North Florida but it's supposed to hit 19 by Christmas morning.
all the pipes are wrapped and ready. put all my leather dyes, epoxy's and other perishable liquids in a box and put them in the house.
my shop is an enclosed pole barn with roll up doors and gets as cold or hot as it is outside.