Artisan 688 Rampmaster Trouble

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Eric Poris

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So I just got an Evenheat Artisan 688 with the rampmaster controller. I went to set up my first heat treat on a blade that is CMP154 and the recipe calls for 1900 degrees. I start to develop the recipe and for some reason the controller will not let me put in a temp higher than 1800 degrees. I ran the oven like the manual said to do and it worked just fine but the temp the manual said to hit was not above 1800 degrees. So, I have no idea what is wrong with it. The max temp stated in the manual is 2000 degrees. Anyone come across this before?
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Hi Eric,
This is a soft stop in the program. These controllers are also used for jewelry and they have a high temp max programmed in for 1800F. When they ship to knifemakers, that high temp is supposed to be removed but this one slipped out without that limit removed. It's just a matter of a few buttons in the right sequence to remove it. I posted that here somewhere, let me go find it.

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here are two methods I googled:
Change STP Controller from °F to °C.
1) Turn Power off
2) Hold down Up Arrow Key, turn on the power, continue to hold down the Enter Key until “Edit” is in the display.
3) Release Key
4) Display should read User4
5) Press Enter
6) °F Displayed
7) Use the Arrow key to change from °F to °C
8) Press Enter
9) There will be a temperature displayed at this point
10) Use the UP arrow keys to choose maximum programmable temperature allowed.
Ceramic/ Porcelain/Pottery kilns use 2400F/ 1316C
Knife Ovens use 2200F/ 1204C
Glass Kilns use 1800F / 982C
11)Press the Enter Key

Press OTHER - display=RSET
Enter 443 - display=NOTC
Press OTHER - until MAX is displayed
The display will show the max temperature it is set to currently. Change to the correct temperature, 2200 degrees.
IDLE/temp now shows on display.

I will find the "official" Evenheat file and post it tonight.
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