Beginner Box Giveaway

It is good to see a little bit of interest in this thread. I have finished the Great Garage Clean-up. I am back in fairly good graces with the Mrs.

I have the two boxes filled up. Got most of the stuff in the box. I could not get a deer antler to fit. Sorry. I will save them for another time.

I did get everything else to go in the box. So, I will wait until July 4th and shut down the entries. A short time thereafter I will set up a contest to see who gets chosen to receive one of the two available boxes of goodies.

In the meantime, here is a teaser picture.

Good luck to all and encourage others to enter.


Rick Weaver

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Please count me in. I am retired and have taken up knife making somewhat seriously. I particularly like to make smaller knives like Loveless' drop point and other knives with a 3 to 4 inch blade. I am totally a stock removal guy, mainly because I live in a town and an older neighborhood. I am afraid I would cause a near riot if I had a power hammer or noisy forge in my shop. Thank for being so gracious and giving by donating two boxes full of material. It is certainly appreciated.

Hello to everyone my name is Phillip. I have been dabbling in knife making for the past year or so trying to learn what I can on my own but now trying to get more serious by spending more time on my new hobbie. Im a hunter so I'm interested in making knives I can use, my first was a skinner.
Knivedogs is an awesome resource where someone like myself can learn the art of knife making and I think it's great you are willing to give away some supplies to help someone get started.
It looks like 13 members have entered so far. I will assign a card to each member that has entered. I will have my 12 year old, shuffle the deck and start flipping cards. First two assigned cards that get flipped will win a beginner box of goodies. Here are the assignments so far. If we get a few more entries, I will get them added. Make sure you are on the list.

I picked hearts because everyone loves making knives! Good luck to all.


Wy_Not - Ace Hearts

Kev – King Hearts

Bigginator – Queen Hearts

BMOC – Jack Hearts

Jrmysell – 10 Hearts

Mizzu – 9 Hearts

Trinity Knives – 8 Hearts

alopolo – 7 Hearts

KnifePt. – 6 Hearts

tzny – 5 Hearts

Gliden07 – 4 Hearts

Rick Weaver – 3 Hearts

Hardhead – 2 Hearts
Well it is the 4th of July. Happy Birthday America! Here is the order of cards drawn and the winners. 4 clubs, 3 diamonds, ace diamonds, 6 clubs, queen diamonds, ace spades, 9 HEARTS (Mizzu), 2 spades, 7 spades, 10 spades, jack spades, KING HEARTS (Kev).

So the winners are Mizzu and Kev. I will pm both of you to get addresses tomorrow. Congrats and enjoy the rest of today's celebration.



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Congrats to the winners! Can't wait to see some pics of the materials; out of the box and once used to make something.

Thanks again, DeMo, for your generosity!
I can't wait to get the box. This is the first thing I've ever won. I am working out of a hot shed at the moment, but have a plan in the works for an outbuilding. I have a Harbor Freight Buffer and Handheld bandsaw waiting in the box . My next target is to build or buy a 2 x 72 Belt grinder.

Thanks so much, you guys have put a big smile on this is old man's face, that hasn't had one for a long while.
image.jpeg Got my beginners box this morning and I'm blown away. Plenty of material in here to get the creative juices flowing. Thank you all again. BTW, the little saw table is a great idea. I had planed to just attach it to the wall.


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Glad to be of assistance. :)

Saw those Swag stands a while back and really liked them but since I don't have a portable bandsaw, it was cheaper for me to go the route of a benchtop bandsaw. Ended up getting a WEN 3975 5" Metal-Cutting Benchtop Bandsaw.