Benchmade Osborne Emissary 470 thumb stud replacement


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I have a discontinued Benchmade Osborne Emissary 470. The thumb stud (is that what you call it?) has fallen off and gone missing. Does anyone know what size thread etc I would have to order to replace it? I see lots of custom thumb studs for sale, but I just want a basic bottom end something to make my knife work again.



Sean Jones

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I think your best bet would be to contact Benchmade directly. There's a lot of different variations of the Emissary. I would imagine they would have one for a fairly nominal price. If you send the knife in they'll fix that and then sharpen and clean it up for free. The sharpening and cleaning is free, not the thumb stud.


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I second the comment of contacting benchmade. I carry the same knife everyday and lost one screw. Called benchmarks who sent me a set for free. When I offered to pay they said I paid for a premium knife and this was one of the reasons why..... Thank you! Needless to say some picture was used for replacement.