Black on Black Fighter


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Black on Black Fighter
First one in a planned series of this style Fighter
3/16" Edge quenched 1095 Texture coated for corrosion resistance
G10 scales with SS tube pins with Lined Lanyard hole
8-10oz leather sheath
Beefy and built for Power - Penetration - Slicing
$195 Delivered Conus outside USA covers difference in actual shipping only
Paypal preferred gets it in the Mail within two Biz days USPS MO ok just slower
PP Addy: rhankins (at) arizonakiddcustomknives dot com
Email any questions you may have Trades for things that go Bang always considered


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I love my Hankins Gray Area. I chopped the HE-double-toothpicks out 4 trees all day and she held up like a stubborn mule. Must of trimmed some 8 cubic yards of limbs that day with a bunch of stuff over 2" diameter. I dropped the knife from over 15 feet up and she landed on the rock below and only left a 2mm size ding in the G10 scale.

Good, heavy duty, tight fitting, straightforward sheath too.

Not a back packing knife though! It is all meat & taters. A mighty fine custom.

I "NEED" a tanto version too, but the dentist has all my money!

Someone grab this thing--you'll be happy you did!