Bolsters and a stick tang


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Bolsters and a stick tang , something you don't see very often . Thomas Damascus with 416 SS bolsters , Walrus spacer and Blackwood handle OAL 9 1/4" blade is 4 1/4"


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Devin makes some beautiful Damascus and you make beautiful knives. I really like the materials on this one. I've often wondered if a bolstered hidden tang would work and now I know. I would have loved the chance to see everything after fitting and before glue up. I have an idea of how to do this type of construction but would love to see everything fitted up to be sure.
Different knife but another bolster and stick tang . With the bolsters you have to let a about .005 " of the blade stick out of the back of the bolsters then make sure that your platen is square with the tool rest and just barley touch the belt to clean up where the first spacer is fit to . I hope this makes since , if not I'll try again .
Nice work Art. As usual.
I'm surprised everyone doesn't do it this way. It's the only way I've ever done it, It makes for a easily workable platform for just about any materials. Stag presents a problem without losing a lot of the bark but a mortised stag handle worked OK.

Rudy , just like any thing you do the more you do it the easer it is . And it is great for Damascus your not using it in the handle like a full tang .