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I am up to doing some bolsters next. I have a few questions.

1. Do they need to be undercut (dovetail)?
2. Is the scale edge of the bolster the reference, or the pin hole?
3. Do they get tinned and heated or clamped and sweated?
4. Is brass-brass any different process than brass-nickle_silver?
5. Does it need to be solid solder or can I use rosin core?
6. Should the scale material be cut at the same time and mated before attaching?
7. Can I just scratch a line or use tape to align them, or do I need to get/make a file guide first and use that?

Anything I forgot to ask that everyone screws up their first time?

Dennis Morland


Here is a knife that I made a while ago for a KITH. On page six I do a fairly detailed picture grouping of how I make bolsters. Others may make them differently. Mileage will vary.

I am glad that you have lots of questions. I would like to point out a feature here on KD. There is an awesome search function. It is in the upper right corner if you are using a smart phone. It looks like a magnifying glass.

As a suggestion, use it and look around on the site. A great deal of information is on KD if you can learn to navigate the site a bit better. Tons of information to review on bolsters and many other subjects.