Brown sugar quench


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"Yeah, I said brown sugar quench!"

That's what I was told by our machinist here at work. He said that he has quenched in BS, I mean brown sugar, in the past for certain metals. When I asked which ones he told me he would have to look it up later this evening... I can't wait!

For the record, he's around 70 and is generally known for a no nonsense attitude... Just for giggles I may have to try it sometime! Worst that could happen is a I get a piece of metal for the handle on my lollipop! :what!::biggrin::what!:

Anyone ever heard of this one?


Robert Mayo

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Well you know i would say it's probably true they had some wierd ways in the old days.
Like put grease or butter on a burn. I think i will stick to grizzly bear urine for quenching!



I hate the way oil cruds up a blade, I can't imagine brown sugar crystalized all over it. Ever heard the expression "so poor they did'nt have a pot to pee in" The poor people sold their pee to tanning houses. and add on "or a window to throw it out of" homeless people. And Bob "in the old days" I can remember my mom putting butter on burns. At least it was'nt margarine.


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Sugar can be burned. It is a simple 6-carbon chain (well, glucose is, anyway). My point is that sugar chemically breaks down into water and carbon dioxide when heat is applied.

So, I wonder if this is nothing more than a water quench. . .


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I have heard of sugar being used for case hardening. As I understand it carbon monoxide migrates into the metal given a enough time at a high temperature and concentration.



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Stick with olive oil for clean blades after quench. I prefer using the body quench but they say its against the law now.


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When it comes time for me to quench,
I'll use wolf urine...




The Knife Poet
I wonder if a rum-based IronWolf urine quench would impart any special properties to steel...:les:
must experiment!:biggrin:
(but who am I gonna find to hold the blade while I, uh, "quench" it ?)