Buckeye burl hunter

John Wilson

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Fantastic, as always. The stippled collar spacer is a nice touch. I always like seeing your coined spacers but the stippled effect is a cool new addition. The rope filework on the spine is super clean. Getting both swedge bevels perfect and evenly rounded so that the filework tapers evenly down the center shows fantastic execution.

Daniel Macina

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Hope you don’t mind me asking but do you have any tips on that ribbon file work? I generally don’t like firework but man I absolutely love that. All the tutorials I look at looks nothing like that.

Jon Buescher

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You know that feeling when you stare into a fire or into the stars and lose yourself in it for a short time?! It’s like that! I want a poster of that knife

Chris Railey

Meh......No, obviously I am kidding. I really like the file work which is not just super decorative but is also functional as jimping. Sweet.


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Those last two photos do it for me. Incredible filework, and then the final closeup of the end of the handle. Both just gorgeous. Since this was stabilized wood, may I ask if the finish is just sanding, some buffing and then wax? If not, would you share that info?