Call for donations to benefit american valor outdoors raffle

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We will draw at around Noon this Saturday so early Saturday morning.


Here are the raffle winners!

Ticket #, winners name, prize/donation

0159 - Tim Peterson -Keith Johnson Folder

0083 - Mike Miller - Eric Land Folder

0691 - Steven Rogers- Matt De Clercq Drop Point

0098 - Wade Martin - Darrin Sanders Tactical/Necker

0326 - Mikey Debartolo - Norfleet Drop Point

0871 - Bob Matherley - Brewer Slipjoint

0065 - Tim Musselman - Smithy Necklace

0060 - Doug Southerland - Larry Franklin/Mya Knives Damascus Bowie

0048 - Anthony Self - Pearce Lanyards

0119 - Art Beyoa - TuskBuster

0110 - Wade Martin - DogBite 2 Bali

0142 - Boss Dog(Tracy Mickley) - Mike Miller Hunter


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Congrats to the winners. It's for such a good clause. My karma was so good from entering that I hit a deer yesterday, luckily at less than 5 mph - both deer and car survived. Apparently, Impalas don't count during bow season.


Steven Janik

Well... We did get it done.
This years American Valor Outdoors hunt was a huge success, but it wasn't easy.
Rain everyday, hot weather, too many crops, too many bugs and just plain lousy luck were all a part of this trip. But out hunt recipient stuck it out and sat in an open tree stand in the pouring rain to finally shoot this buck on the last night.

Although it's not the biggest trophy ever taken, it was still a blessing to take anything under these conditions.

Thanks again to all the Dogs who participated and those who just wished us good luck.

Steve Janik

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