Carbide Scribes for Sale!


"The Montana Bladesmith"
I didn't want to put these in the wrong area of the "For Sale" forums, so decided to post them here until Tracy let's me know where to post them.

Damascus and Titanium Carbide Scribes!
Damascus: $125.00 each plus $8.50 Priority Mail shipping.

Titanium: (both knurled and straight anodized) $69.95 each, plust $8.50 Priority Mail Shipping. All have replaceable carbide points (1/8"-3mm), and come with a .050 wrench. First come, First Served!

If you wish to purchase, just let me know the number above the particular scribe(s) you'd like. I accept checks, money orders, paypal (4% fee applies), and credit card (4% fee applies).