Ceramic tile to keep flux from messing up my forge?


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Im going to start forge welding in my 3 burner gas forge. The manufacturer suggests using a piece of ceramic tile on the bottom of the forge to keep any flux from gumming up the brick lining. What do you vets think about that? Better suggestion?



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I assume you have a horizontal forge? If so, then anything you could put in to catch the flux/keep the flux from contacting the actual forge lining, yet not impede heating would be a good idea.

Although I do my best not to use flux in my horizontal forges, sometimes it just happens. And just for that reason I have a half brick (half the thickness of a regular sized fire brick) in the floor of the forge. I saves me about 2-3 relines on the forges annually. When the half brick gets all icky from flux or whatever, I can pull it out and replace it with a new one.

If you intentionally use flux in a horizontal forge, it's surprising how quickly it builds up on the floor/bottom.


We were just discussing this the other day....

A firebrick in the bottom that fits tightly, then seal the edges with mortar. When it gets scuzzy you would be able to pop it out and add a new one. Mortaring the brick in would be important I think to stop the fluid melted flux from getting under the fire brick and eroding.