chain damascus

TJ Smith

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I am working with some chain as a san mai weld in a canister with some 1084 powder. Using a air/hyd jack(20 ton). after pressing a 1.5 inch tube down to .5 inches I removed the canister. There were cracks in the billet..
Would this be from pressing to cold?
First time I had this happen.
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Bruce Bump

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Hi TJ,
It may have been too cold but did the 1084 powder look really coarse grained? I seen this before when the powder is too coarse and not compressed from all 4 sides before drawing the can lengthwise. Powder metal needs to be super fine grain and compacted before the lid is welded on the can. Coarse powder doesn't compact well.

TJ Smith

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Hi bruce
I was using course grain from KC. It was packed and vibrated until no more would fit in the can. Did press from all sides.
Thanks for the info will get some fine powder.
Take care