Cholla, Turquoise, Ironwood and Nickle Silver

Mark Knapp

Dealer - Purveyor
Lately, I have started engraving my knives, this is the second one. Engraving is a pretty satisfying thing for me. I can lock myself away in my engraving room and let the world do it's thing outside the doors.

This hunter is about 9 inches long, overall. It has cholla cactus handles with turquoise inlay and desert ironwood spacers with fully engraved nickle silver guard, sub-hilt and bolster. The sheath work is by me.

Thank you for looking, all comments welcomed.


J. Doyle

Dealer - Purveyor
That looks great Mark! I like the engraving quite a bit. Looks like you've added yet another skill to your already impressive list of skills.