Cobra’s Saffron


“Cobra’s Saffron”
(Integral Series)

Here's a little project I just finished up. Something to do inside (AC) at the bench while it so hot and humid outside... killed some time and made a decent knife, but my hands are killing me. Jeremiah sent me the ironwood wood from Thailand. It's my new favorite wood, mesua ferrea. It turned almost black with a deep red undertone, just from the oils and sweat in my hands. I hope I did it justice. Thanks Jeremiah! :)

OAL- 7.25 inches
Precision hand forged from W2 steel
Fittings- Bronze fabrications with patina
Handle- Mesua ferrea ( “Cobra’s Saffron” ironwood)

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Beautiful work as always, Tai. We've been hot and miserably humid here with mosquito swarms. Hope y'all at least are missing out on the latter!

Got to see this awesome little neck knife of yours at The Gathering. Don Andrade had it. Absolutely love the transition from the tang to the blade you got.



Thanks James. I probably won't be making any more of the herb knife neckers with that plunge transition to the blade. When I bent the tang over, the blade also bent sideways, because it was so much thinner. I spent a day just trying to salvage it. The blade was pretty much finished before the bend, because it's hard to do any filing or sanding on it with the tang bent back like that, because it's thicker than the blade.. I'm glad Don got that one.

In the future those little herb knives will be more like this one.


Jeremiah Rostig

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Great knife!...the "rainbow-tempered" integral bolster/ferrule is stunning! ...the whole design has some ancient-female, though aggressive charisma.
I'm glad You like the wood!:1:

Gary Miller

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Great work is always. I love the patina on the bolster of the first knife. really brings out the handle,Great work as always.