Complete step-by step knife and sheath...

Chris Martin

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Cant think of much better than 4 sheathed FOS's bro. Well done man. Hope mine gets some Buck guts all over it come Turkey Day:eek:

I dont think you have enough drill bits though....:D

And is that an Emerson shop rag? I need one of those:eek:working 1

This WIP is full of win.

Thanks MO.

MOB rules.

Chris out...


Mo, awesome WIP brother! I learned a lot by reading through it. I saw a lot of things that will help me in the future.

Oh yeah. I sported the FOS and my MOB shirt last night. I got some good looks. LOL!


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Outstanding WIP, Martin! I am proud to wear one of your manly T-shirts even if I don't own one of your knives... YET!

Two questions on the Kydex please;

How long is it left in the oven at 300 degrees?

How do you decide how deep you want the knife to sit in it?



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Hey Rock,

I've never really timed it. I check it at about one minute, then keep checking it every 30 seconds until it is floppy like wet leather.

How far in depends on the knife and how it is shaped in the area I build retention into. I want as much handle available for grabbing as possible while still being able to get good, secure retention in the sheath. I have finally found a balance I am real happy with now. Lots of trial and error.


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Hey Rock,

I've got about 21 pieces ready. About half are midsized one off protos and half are FOS and FOS V2's with a new more aggressive profile.

I am really liking how they came out.

Make sure to stop by and see me bud.


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It has been said over and over, but wonderful write-up! I need to show this to my wife so she can understand that I need more tools! :D