Damascus hunter w/ checkered inlays

J. Doyle

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I finished this one up a couple weeks ago. 3 3/4" Blade is made from "woodgrain" pattern damascus. Bronze fluted collars with French grayed steel accent. African blackwood handle with Brazilian Rosewood hand checkered inlays. 8 1/4" overall.

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REK Knives

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Wow that is beautiful work my friend! It's hard to figure out something unique these days but that sir is certainly unique... And the rest of the blade work is incredible as well. Nice job!


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Hmmm. Another idea of what could be done with my EXTREMELY limited supply of small pieces of old growth Brazilian. I still have a fair amount of super dark blackwood. Now tell us how you did the inletting. ;)

52 Ford

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Well......I don't have cnc or a pantagraph.. ;)
I did some copperhead skin inlays in a rifle stock when I was younger. I started out with a 1/2" chisel and slowly worked down to finer and finer chisels. Ended up sharpening a 1/8" wide screwdriver.

I don't recall if I used a Dremel or not.

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