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TJ Smith

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I use 15n20 and 1084 in my Damascus. What are some ways to get the background darker when you etch the pattern?
how about a deep etch, then blue, then polish off the high spots with 600 800 grit?
TJ smith


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What Mike said, plus it always looks better once it is heat-treated. Give it a good etch, rinse and neutralize the etchant with ammonia, then boil it for a few minutes.... then dry and oil it.


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Does the etchant also influence this? Seems I recently read a ~30% sulfuric acid etch might be darker than ferric chloride. Haven't tried, but I'm sure others have. I agree after hardening, the knife takes a better etch....this picture is of a chef knife I made and edge hardened. The Damascus is 1095, 1084 and 15n20


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