Elk Antler Fixed Blade

Jon Kelly

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Here is knife I recently finished utilizing a nicely shaped Elk antler tine I've had in the drawer for too long. This Hamon is very active and absolutely refuses to be photographed. Grrrr! Comments are welcome.

1075 Differentially hardened
13 1/4" OAL
1/4" x 6 1/4" blade
Stainless guard
Red brass spacer and pin
Rounded spine
Distal taper
Elk antler handle


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Self Made Knives

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Holy smokes! That second pic that is focused between the guard and the start of the cutting edges is blowing me away. I just can't figure out how you guys get all that to look so clean. I'm not crazy about tine handles, but from the guard forward I'm amazed with the detail. Very good work!

Jon Kelly

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Thank you Anthony, believe me it's a love/hate relationship; mostly hate towards the end though, lol. I'm sure everyone has their secrets, but for me the only way I can do it is to finish each component separately (handle, guard, blade) and then assemble. I try not to do anything but wax and hand buff after that.