Elmax Hunter.. Yep Stainless steel from HHH!

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OK guys, I know this is gona come as a surprise, But I have been doing some knives is Stainless! :) So far of the steel I have tested or worked with. (theres so many) Elmax is a clear leader in my opinion. But you know what they say.. lol

Anyways, Here is a Classic HHH Knives "Hunter" with Elmax Blade, OAL approx 9" Handles are Exhibition grade Koa, and some of the finest mammoth ivory I have used in some time. This stuff was neat flawless and has a right rust/reddish color.. Not sure if it comes through as well in the photos as it looks in hand.

Thanks for looking, as always. Comments and or critiques welcomed.



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This looks awesome and really caught my eye. Must have been the Koa, I am such a sucker for Koa. What's the blade length? ~4-inches?

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Thanks for the complements and comments. The blade ia approx 4" and I love Koa. Its just to beautiful!!!


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handrubbing Elmax is fun......
great steel!!!

just wish it didn´t cost an arm and a leg...


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Thanks guys, I like working with the stuff. Its easy to cut and grind, Heat treats pretty much just like the spec sheet says it will, and I have not have many issues with warping or stress cracks etc. I love it!! And will be making more blades from it.. Although Hand sanding after HT is near impossible! So get it where you want it before HT.

I have done some testing with this and a few other "super steels" and of the ones I have tested. & Based on the HT that we used. This Elmax stuff is the best SS for this kinda knife. AGAIN, this is just a opinion and I dont want to stir up any big debates about best stainless etc. Its good stuff, and Im pretty sure we all can agree on that! lol :)

Stay sharp!!

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Nice work Randy,

I am a all Stainless Man myself. Having my shop in a garage less than three blocks from the Ocean
Cured me of Carbon steels quickly. I could watch stuff rust as I worked on it!

There are many great Stainless steels to use, CPM-S35VN, CPM-154, One of my all time favorites is still 440C.

It's not that expensive and works great for Culinary or Hunter Blades. even art knives come out great with a mirror finish with 440C, Takes a great edge and holds it well and you can HT it up to a 60 RC for Culinary Chef Knives.




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Another thumbs up for Elmax. I tried it at the recommendation of Chuck at Alpha and had two blades differentially heat treated, one for finishing and one for destruction testing. That made for one incredibly tough blade!!

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Thanks guys!!

Laurence, 440c is also good stuff, But has a stigma behind it. When I or most people hear 440.. We automaticly thing of a cheap china made blade. that didnt hold a edge and broke when we needed it most! and I think alot of people would agree.

Even though I understand the diffence between 440c and 440a and proper HT etc. But most dont. So I dont play with 440c Unless its requested by a client.

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