Esteem Grinder...Build Pictures


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Took delivery of an Esteem Grinder a couple weeks ago and thought I'd post some pictures of the build. It comes in about 6 boxes in order to save on shipping. The grinder weighs 160 lbs all told, with about another 20 or 25lbs with the horizontal plate and stand. Took about 2 hours to put together, and that was working at a very leisurely pace with a cigar in one hand and a glass of ice tea in the other. :biggrin: So far this has been a pleasure to grind on and Brett Mathews has been great to work with. Any questions, please ask, I'll be happy to answer the best I can.

Main Frame and Horizontal Tilt Plate
Hinges 2.jpg

Leeson 2hp motor mounted
Leeson Motor.jpg

Tension Arm and Tool Holder
Tension Arm_Tool Holder.jpg

Crowned Drive Wheel
Drive Wheel.jpg

Crowned Tracking Wheel
Tracking Wheel.jpg

KBAC 27D Variable Frequency Drive
KBAC 27D VFD 2.jpg

Tool Rest
Tool Rest 2.jpg

9" Flat Platen
9 inch flat platen.jpg

8" Wheel
Esteem_10 inch wheel 2.jpg

Bader Style Double Small Wheel Attachment
Esteem_Small Wheel 2.jpg


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Here's a shot of the grinder tilted horizontally, and also a short one minute video...not a nickel test, but a PENNY test. No vibration to speak of and the penny never gave a hint of movement from 100% down to about 1%!!

Horizontal Tilt
Horizontal 2.jpg

The balancing act......balancing a penny through entire operating range!!

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Tony, congrats on your grinder and I will be ordering the same grinder this week. Wanting to know as to the size of table stand you made so, I can make one the same. You can contact my email: Rey Garza in Texas cell# 956-222-6567 been a member knife dogs for a lenghty time. I appreciate your help thanks and God Bless. Rey


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That's a nice looking machine Tony, but where are you, and what happened to the grinder ?
you posted this two years ago...............................;)