Feathered “W”s


I am ready for the next step in feathered Ws which is splitting the billet. Should I cut it 90 degrees of my last stack. I believe I should but don’t want to be wrong. There has been a lot of work to this step and I don’t want to screw it up now thanks


"The Montana Bladesmith"
Maybe I missed another post, but not sure where you're at with the billet at this point. If you cut, rotated the pieces 90 degrees, then restacked.... and you now have a stack of those pieces..... then it's time to split and reweld. That means splitting the billet lengthwise with a hot cut (I prefer a fairly dull one, as it "drags" the layers a bit and makes the end pattern look nicer.).
For the best results/pattern, split and IMMEDIATELY re-weld. Some folks will literally split the billet into two pieces..... clean, grind, etc. then put it back together. IMO, when done that way, it is very noticeable in the end pattern.

Hopefully I am on the same page/step as you were asking about. :)