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Freds Edge

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I made a file guide some time ago , it has carbide inserts that I can't seem to keep glued in place. Has anyone had any experience with this or a glue recommendation , I have been using Gorilla instant glue.


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I bought a file guide that the carbide feel off. I contacted maker he said he used a product from Loctite called Insta-Bond?? But he said any good Epoxy should work just make sure its CLEAN. I soaked it in Acetone overnight then used my Foredom tool with a brass wheel and cleaned all of the stuff on it off, put clean Acetone in plastic container and let it sit overnight again. Next day I gloved up and dried it, wiped it off with brake clean and epoxied it with West Systems 12Hr epoxy. Hasn't let go yet? The JB has a little bit higher temp rating so you should be fine. As long as its CLEAN prior to.

C Craft

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I used JB weld for a long time. Then one day I dropped the guide and they popped of. I think the constant heat, cool in the dunk bucket while grinding and the combination of the shock when they hit the floor was the culprit.

So I decided to solder them to file guide and haven't looked back!!

Jon Buescher

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I’ve tried many different epoxies and go back to JB Weld. Be sure to rough up the steel with a carbide burr and rough up the back side of the carbide with a diamond burr For best results.
I use a diamond wheel on my surface grinder to re-surface them
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