First Leather Cutting Tool...


I just got this back from my logo guy. Made it for Pelallito on the forum. Fred is a good friend who comes over to my shop and we work on projects together. This is made from O1 tool steel, a small piece of tiger maple that was laying around the shop and 416 SS pins. It is a 3" round pattern style leather knife, convex grind, blued and aged to make it look like the ones from a while ago.



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Golly George, that tiger maple sure looks sweet. Is that dyed or is it natural?
I want to make one of those some day, if for nothing else other than to say I did it.
You did a nice job on this one!


Thank you.

Dyed, steel wool, flamed, steel wool, 3x more, then 6 coats hand rubbed Tru-Oil. Let dry 2 hours between each coat of Tru-Oil, shoe shine buff each coat after it dries.

I love tiger maple and use it when ever I can. Just finished a medium fighter for a client using it. I will post it tomorrow.


As Laurence has stated. It really isn't that hard. Keeping the semi circle even was the hardest part of this project.

Eric, I won 2 good size blocks at my first ABS Hammer-In back 2011 and for awhile before he retired was hooked up with a guitar maker getting his scraps. Need to find another maker to source from. They have great trash for KnifeDogs like us.

PS: Client picked up the fighter before I could photograph it. Her travel plans had changed.
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Well Fred pickuped the round knife and has already made the sheath for it! Boy is he fast... LOL

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As George suspects/knows that there was no way that I could have made a finished sheath in the time it took me to drive home and stop at a grocery store. LOL
I found the sheath that I made for my first round knife(may it rest in peace) and dropped his beauty into it. It is a little large for it, but it and I are now protected from damage.
George can admit that it is quite sharp and likes to bite the maker, several times.
It is a little beauty, thanks George!