First liner lock

Wayne Bensinger

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Hello everyone, just wanted to post some pictures and specs for the first liner lock that I've completed. Overall it was much more enjoyable than I figured it would be, I was actually putting off this for over a year because I was afraid of some of the different technics and materials. Found out during the build that there was no reason for any off this fear (detent balls, titanium spring liner and clip, small thumb stud, pivot, etc). Anyway, here's the details:

4-3/8" closed lenght
7-1/2" open lenght
154CM blade
6al-4v liner and spring clip
.187 pivot with phosphor bronze .005 washers
kirinite desert camo scales

I like to call it the "shark" because of the blades shape when opened. Let me know what you guys think, like to hear from the critics, good or bad.



Calvin Robinson

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Now see,that wasn't so bad.
Looks real good.
Now go build another one right away before you forget everything.:biggrin:

Wayne Bensinger

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Thanks to all, I think I will start another one Calvin, soon as I get thought with some coyote hunting this weekend and the this snow storm.


Nice job Wayne! See, the vice didn't turn into a pumpkin or rips in the space time continuum, though I think I heard a dog start barking when I finished my first...:3: