First Straight Razor

Dwane Oliver

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I was going to get a new tattoo , I needed a nice razor to shave with , so I made this one. It shaves like a dream , even used it on my face yesterday morning.
Ground on a 10" wheel. I dont think I got the edge thin enough before I sharpened it , but it sharpened up good and stropped out well , it IS razor sharp.
Short 2.5" blade from Arduous Damascus
Handles are red/black .125 micarta
Brass pins and a amboya spacer

I think it turned out great , let me know what you'all think.


Ernie Swanson

Very nice, I have always wanted to shave my head with one of these but am afraid I wont have much skin left!


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That looks fantastic! Excellent job. Maybe one day I'll build up the courage to make one of these.