Flipping knifemaking stuff


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Any of you like to buy low and sell high? I am constantly on the lookout for tools and handle material that I can make a quick buck on. I occasionally buy slipjoints too, if I think they're underpriced.

This week I bought four 2hp 3ph Baldor motors for $25 each. Within the next 24 hours, I had sold three of them at $150 each, which is still half of retail.

I one time bought a Delta metal cutting upright bandsaw for $125. Kept that one, but got $225 for a drill press that I paid $140 for as part of the same deal.

I also try to buy handle material in lots when I can, and sell off pieces to make my money back.

I sometimes will send wood off for stabilization, maybe 25 pieces at a time. I then will sell off enough pieces to pay for the stabilization, then keep the rest.

What other buy/sell tricks do you guys do? Any good stories of epic flips?