Folding Scandi


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This is probably more mid tech than production but probably best spot.

I received this 1 yesterday it's a model WK-2. By WoodsKnife located in finland. Run by Harri Merimaa whom I understand is a third generation maker & well known for his fixed blades.

Blade 3 1/4" 80 CrV2 carbon blade,
Scales Curly Birch coated in Danish oil
Frame stainless with black matte finish
Came with dangler belt sheath.

The fit is good, action is a little stiff but will loosen up I think. Black coating is consistent, lock up is solid.
Scales are thick & you can feel the grain, not smooth. I like it. It came very sharp, tested it out on an off cut of 5mm bridle leather cut nearly as well as my round head knife, was surprised The only flaw I've found is if you push too hard in your pocket the top of the scale will catch your pocket.
It's not a pretty art knife but looks what it is a real solid user.. A real bargin for the price too.