Future orders

Les Voorhies

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My backlog of knife orders has run into June (possibly July) of 2012 and I think I need to stop taking order for a little while so I can address some problems in my waiting list and how I prioritize the orders. I have standing orders with a few dealers and those will remain as they are but I need to figure out a way to get retail customers through the list faster while not leaving the dealers hanging and somehow in all that, I need to figure out how to get more available knives to the few shows I attend.

If you are on the list as of today, your order will be filled (hopefully faster for some retail customers). If you do not have an order with me but was thinking about it or saving for it or whatever, I hope you won't give up on me, I hope to start taking orders again in the next month or two, but I had to try to slow things down while I figure out a new system.

If anyone has experience or idea's about how to make this work better, please feel free to call or e-mail me, I'll send out another e-mail and posts on the forums and facebook when I'm ready to resume orders.