G-10/G-11 ?

Chris Martin

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Ok, Dogs. I am going to try for a Tactical-Hawk. My question is, would G-11 bolted to the steel with loc-tite work for a sturdy handle? I plan on making just the head out of steel/5160 or 6150 and then attaching the head of the Hawk directly to the G-11 material with bolts of some sort. I might counter sink the holes so the bolts will be flush with the material.

I am wanting to use the G-11 I got from Jim, handle will be around 9-10" OAL 1/4"-3/4" thick.

Any suggestions or will this work at all? If so, this will be going to the same buddy my first blade went to2thumbs I want something nasty for him to use while instructing them Strykers:D

Thanks Dogs,

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Chris Martin

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Your gonna need the steel shaft to go all the way on the handle or it will break.

I had that feeling, I just know that when I went to try and cut some mon the bandsaw it was super tough. Guess thats what I get for dreaming....it would have been too easy anyway:cool::D

I will figure out a way to run a good 1/8" or maybe a little thicker shaft and then bolt together and loc-tite everything. Wish I had a welder:(