Gator Country Tanto


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Here's a Tanto I recently finished, CPM-154, desert ironwood, black G-10 bolsters and nickle silver pins and lanyard hole.



Steve, I'm not a tanto fan, but this one is so clean and proportional that ya just might make me a believer. Nice work, amigo.!
Thanks Bruce, I don't make many but I have an annual show I do this weekend and last year a guy asked me if I had any tanto's, which I sold the only one I had a week before so I'm hoping either he or someone else will buy it this weekend.
Nice! I can spot a Steve Miller knife a mile away. The way you do your pins and contours is beautiful.

Is the Gator show this weekend?
Thanks guy's, John, it's the annual fund raiser for the Tampa chapter Safari Club. it was going to be in March but got postponed because of Covid.
This will be my 26th year of donating a knife to their auction!
it might be my last, I don't know. I retire from my real job in 15 days, 8 hours and 54 min. soon after I'll be moving north 5 hours to Gator country and getting out of the city ! :D
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I'll still be here, I'm going to run internet off a Verizon Jetpack. the one I have from my work truck worked up there so I just bought one and put it on my phone plan for an extra $20.00 a month. those things are great anywhere you get phone reception.
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Good to know. My Dad lives in BFE and I have to walk out in his yard up on a little hill to get phone reception. I feel like Green Acres. May as well climb the phone pole.

I keep hearing about Star Link (Elon Musk venture) but I don't know anyone with it to ask firsthand. I keep looking for something better for my Dad rather than satellite dish TV / internet which he has, which is the pits.
A couple people I know up there got satellite and ones actually got cable but they all say customer service is in the can, always wanting to charge to send someone out.
as for tv, I have a homemade over the air antenna that picks up over 30 channels...from Fl, alabama an Georgia but a lot are the same shows. or you change the channel and the show you just watched is coming back on from somewhere else, it's weird.
another weird thing is I'm so close to the time zone an atomic clock keeps going back an hour so I had to get rid of that.
But the Verizon Jet pack works for Netflix and Amazon tv, laptops and other stuff. you can connect up to 15 gadgets to it at once.