Giveaway! Sept. 2013---Bubble Jig with something to grind on giveaway.

Fred Rowe

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This giveaway is closed, we'll check the OHIO pic 3 for this evening and announce the winner at 8 PM.

This is our fall giveaway here on KD. We are giving away a complete "Orange" Bubble Jig grinding system with a mystery steel to grind on. The reason its a mystery is I haven't made it yet. We will see!
We set up an anodizing line this summer in one of our outbuildings. The reason we decided on anodizing the Bubble Jig is, one we wanted to make the surface of the aluminum more durable and at the same time, by adding a bright color, make the BJ easier to find in the shop.
I'll post updates on the "something to grind on" as it takes shape.

To enter, Pick a 3 digit number, one entry per person please.
The closet number to the winning Pic 3 number is the winner.
If there are two entries equal distant to the winning number, there will be a draw off.
Pic 3 Ohio will be used for the winning number.
This giveaway will run until 5:00 PM Sept. 26th. Drawing at 8 PM
There will be a numbers chosen list posted on the first and last pages of this thread, each morning the giveaway is open.

If you already use a Bubble Jig, join in anyway, two of them are very handy around the shop. If you have never used a Bubble Jig and win this giveaway you are in for a treat.

The Bubble Jig grinding system is available through our website or through the fine folks @ Midwest Knifemakers Supply

If you purchase a Bubble Jig grinding system during this contest and then you win the contest your purchase price will be refunded.

OK! pick a number and lets get this rolling.

Numbers chosen list as of 8 AM 9/26/2013.

The winner of this giveaway will receive four bars of
1084--1/8" x 1 1/2" x 9" to grind on.
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I'll take an even 500 - and thanks for the chance Fred. That bubble jig really helps with grinding.

Ken H>