Good? Morning!


Hello Everyone, Pretty new guy here, made 3 Complete knives so far, Been an artist for awhile, so I always wanted to get into Bladesmithing, so after making a scale sword for a sculpt I was doing I decided to give it a try, I didn't finish the knife I was doing for me before I was ask to build one for a customer, and still building, I'm squeezing my knife in between jobs.
Been setting up my shop while on the Covid19 Furlough, Just needed a couple more weeks to complete that butARGGGG, Back to work I go! I'm in the middle of building a forge from a half size water heater tank, I built a small one from Fire Bricks but it's not that efficient.
A lot of my tools, came from Harbor Freight, Don't Laugh now........:) Nah, some of their stuff is actually pretty good, after you modify it, I am making a 2" x 72" grinder which is close to done, soon as I can convince my Wife we'll never use the treadmill again I'll rob the motor and controls out of it and Done.
thanks in advance, now, Must get ready for,duhntdunht duhnt duuuuuhhhhhhhh.....Work