Got luck at woodcraft today

Discussion in 'The Dog Run' started by bladegrinder, Oct 14, 2017.

  1. bladegrinder

    bladegrinder Well-Known Member

    I got an email from Woodcraft last week saying they were going to have a big sale today with hot dogs, cold drinks and raffles. the raffles caught my eye, at noon they were drawing for a Supermax 1hp dust collector.

    So I went down there around 11:00 and looked around, picked up some African blackwood, bought it and looked around till noon. I ended up winning the dust collector. Yee Ha!:)
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  2. C Craft

    C Craft Well-Known Member

    Oh, you have got to be kidding, that was my prize!!! What is woodcraft???

    Steve did you go buy a lottery ticket today! Nevermind you all ready used your luck for today!! Congrats [​IMG]
  3. bladegrinder

    bladegrinder Well-Known Member

    Cliff, Woodcrafts a store that sells woodworking equipment, wood and everything in between, I believe their nationwide. this particular store's only a few miles from me. I stop in there once in a while to see what kinds of exotic woods they have, they sell hardwoods and tropical from pen making blocks to table top size. I get my wood cutting bandsaw blades there too when their on sale.

    I already had my lottery tickets for tonight but after I won that I stopped on the way home and bought five more.
  4. KenH

    KenH Well-Known Member

    After the hurricane you deserved a bit of good luck.... and you got it. Nice going there with the dust collector. Congrats.
  5. bladegrinder

    bladegrinder Well-Known Member

    Thank's Ken. my areas still a mess, there's brush, trees and all sorts of crap lined up at the street all over town. my city's finally hired private contractors to start picking it up. I didn't hit the lottery so Cliff was right, my luck ran out. although they did take down a giant damaged tree next to my house today that had me worried for years about falling on my house, so I feel lucky that that came down...and not on my house.
  6. C Craft

    C Craft Well-Known Member

    I had one in my yard after Ivan, the entire top of this White Oak had been mangled. The entire tree still stood at about 30' up and there was no doubt, it needed to go. In fact part of it hit the roof and poked a hole thru the decking!!
    Anyway there were tons of folks cutting trees, after the hurricane. One came to the door and wanted almost $350.00 to take it down. Didn't have the money at the time but, I also didn't have a saw with a bar big enough to make the cut. The tree was nearly 4' across at the base!
    These guys came back several times and about a month later. They caught me in the yard. One of the young guns gave me a price of $200.00 since they were in the area. Nope can't do it, I told him.
    They come down my street a week later and are cutting and grinding stumps out of the yards in the area. Here comes the young gun again. I can take that down for you. Naw I just don't have the money. Well what would you be willing to pay?? Could you do it for a $100.00. OK but I can't grind the stump for that price. That is OK, I told him. After they dropped it and removed the top! A carpenter ant infestation got started in the roots of the tree. Told the wife and the kids those are my ants, don't kill them. In a year and half they had devoured enough of the stump to be able to split it and get it out of there!
    Like you I was so glad to see that one go!!
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  7. bladegrinder

    bladegrinder Well-Known Member

    I recently paid a guy $1800.00 to dig up some stumps, I just had the trees removed by a timber company so the area was a mess and the stumps were kind of hard to see, he quoted the price and I said lets do it. he dug with a backhoe and me and a neibor piled them in the burn pile with two tractors. all said and done there were around 60. and these were 100' pine trees, some of those stumps were 6' long and probably weighed 5-700 pounds, biggest stumps I ever dealt with.
    I had to get them dug out verses ground for a home site.......and new shop:)

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