Got to love how kids think!

C Craft

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I had to take my wife to an appointment this morning and as we are leaving, I see a 2x4 stud on the side of the road! I pulled over and grabbed and put it in the truck. My Grandson pipes up from the back seat and says what is the wood for. Before I could say anything the wife says, "your Pop will pull over for anything he thinks useful on the side of the road, even a pair of red panties"!!
My Grandson without missing a beat says, "panties"?? Ewwww!! I couldn't help but laugh. So I had to tell him the story!

I had made a run down the road towards town earlier that day and I saw what I thought was a red tie down strap. Coming back to the house I saw it again. Well were going somewhere and so I was not about to miss another opportunity at the strap.

So I told Mimi/my wife, "their is a one of those tie down strap on the side of the road up here". "I am going to pull over and you reach out and grab it, traffic is kind of heavy up here and that way I won't have to stop".

So I wheeled off the edge of the road she popped open the door and grabbed. I hollered you got it, with the yes I gunned it, and off down the road. She looked down in here hand and she realized it was no strap, …………. it was a pair of women's red panties. Yes son, it was an Ewww moment but as I remember that wasn't all Mimi had to say. "What else did she say Pop". Well son, it was some of those words I tell you can't say!! She was not happy with me at all!! :p:p


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That's funny right there Cliff, nasty...but funny.
Next time she's in the truck and you see something in the road just pretend you didn't see it and don't say ANYTHING, you want that memory to fade away.
now for the rest of his life, whenever your grandson see's something red in the road he'll think of you, so that story will live in infamy.

On a side note...I did find a 2" ratcheting strap that fell off a semi that was like new so that was a good score.

C Craft

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Steve, I couldn't help but laugh and every time I did I got poked in the ribs.

I have found everything from tools, ice chests, a mans wallet, looked him up in the phone book and called him, he was glad to get it back. It had close to $500.00 in it! Not that I counted it! :p

The big one was a 3 Phase industrial electric motor. You know one of them suckers that has the lift ring and probably weighs in at 300 - 400 lbs. or more. By the time I got turned around the guys that had lost it and were standing in the road looking at it like how in the 4#@^^ are we going to pick this thing up. I pulled up and told them. I would call a wrecker if it was me!!


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Cliff, glad to hear I'm not the only person that picks stuff up on side of road. I've got lots of different stuff that way, some of which was useful {g}. I even found a 3 speed floor shift conversion kit many years ago. You mention something red? My wife and I got a backpack one time - it was just a bit sticking out of a drain, something said "stop", she grabbed it and it was a nice frame type backpack. We got to use it a couple of times.

C Craft

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I pulled up along side of a plumbers at a light one day! One of those Reading bodies on it. I hollered at him and told him I had been following him for close to 20 miles now. He looked at me kind of funny, I told him box was open on the rear passenger side.

I have been hoping that $500.00 angle drill you got back there was gonna fall out. But I got to turn at the next light so figured I would tell you before someone else got it!! He laughed and thanked me. The driver pulled over and the passenger ran back and shut it!!

I got to the job site one day. I was driving the tool truck, boss pulled up behind me about 5 minutes. I told him we are going to need a new aluminum extension ladder. The boy that was riding with me loaded it and he did not shove it all the way up under the tool box. I was headed down a four lane road and heard a commotion. I looked up in the rear view mirror just in time to see it leave the back of the truck. The last thing I saw it was doing 360"s in the middle of the right hand lane. Then it stopped crosswise to the lane. I pulled over and jumped out and started running back to it. Only to see an 18 wheeler run smack over the middle of it. I drug it off the side of the road and thru it in the back to sell for scrap!!!