Haley DesRosiers, MS ~ ALEVIN

Caleb Royer

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Maker: Haley DesRosiers, MS
Website: AlaskaBlades.com
Facebook: DesRosiers Knives
Model: 'ALEVIN'
Blade Length: 3"
Handle Length: 6 3/4"
Blade Material: Forged from twisted, multibar damascus, 1080 & 15N20
Handle Material: African blackwood
Other: Keyholes and twisted Damascus are some of my favorite things. I named this knife 'Alevin' after the small salmon fry that flit around the rocky points where I grew up. The damascus pattern (Batsauce) is one I've been developing for about a year and is also on several of my MS knives.

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LobosStyle Blades

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That's an amazing piece of work. I couldn't imagine the process of you've developed in working that handle like that.

Thanks for sharing.