Hammer by Tom Clark and Hank Knickmeyer


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This is a Mosaic hammer made by Tom Clark and Hank Knickmeyer For BAM (Blacksmiths of missouri.)
It was given away in a drawing . There is a very good story about it . It's 5 pages long so I will ask for permission to reprint it . The work is fantastic . Tom was a good friend of mine . I stopped by and visited his son , also Tom and He gave me the article . Bubba-san

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Thats a beautiful hammer. I watched Tom Clark make a hammer once and auctioned it off to the highest bidder...Me. I love mine but its not mosaic.


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I have heard rumors of this hammer from Sid Suedmeier, but I had never actually seen photos. Thank you for posting this.

Dave from Diller

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I was lucky enough to attend Tom's school about 6 years ago and while there purchased one of his hammers. Also had a chance to watch the hammer making process in the air hammer room behind the class section. Tom will be missed and I still look for him at the Blacksmith gatherings.