Harpoon and Hamon, take two.


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I finished this bowie nearly two weeks ago, but wasn't satisfied with it. There were some fit issues that showed up after glue-up that weren't there on the final dry fits. Also there were some guard issues I wanted to fix, so I busted it up. Took it back apart and re-shaped the guard and re-fit the handle scales. This of course required re-polishing and re-bluing the guard, plus another cleanup and polish cycle for the blade. Also shortened the ricasso by 1/8". So after two and a half days' work to rebuild, here's the final product.

This knife is forged from Don Hanson's 2" round W2 stock, clay quenched with a hamon. The guard and tapered frame are blued mild steel, and the handle is quilted poplar. Overall length is a hair past 15 inches. This one will be at Blade Show table 7Q, and is likely to be part of my JS presentation set.