Heading to Kentucky to visit Denny ! !

Bill T

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Just thought I'd post a little something about a short vacation I'm taking ..

Heading to Kentucky to see Denny and make some knives :thumbup: !

Denny's one of the 1st guys I became good friends with through the Knife Dog forum :thumbup1: , and after meeting up at BLADE show last year , we often spoke about getting some time together at his place in Kentucky .
Soooo... Taking some vacation time and heading south .
We've planned a ton of projects for the days I'm there , so I hope we get some pics of what we hope to get done .
First thing we're gonna do is our HH Build knives , our raffle collaboration knife and then an Elmax project .

Neither of us are any good at posting pics , so if we don't manage to show any right away , I'll have to wait till I get home and let my computer tech Goddess do that which eludes me ..

I haven't been to KY since my Military days , when I was at Ft. Knox for a while .. Looking forward to going back ..
Sounds like a hoot Bill ! Wish I could go with ya. I hung out with that Denny feller for awhile at Blade last year also. Good People that Denny. Don't know how I missed you at blade but maybe next year.

Have fun and take pics pics pics... I'll be watching for them.

Safe travels friend- Josh
I just put out an APB to the Troopers to be on the watch for two old men laughing and giggling in a shed.
Will you guys be in an upcoming episode of "Justified" on the FX network?
There's gonna be a lot of napping I bet.

Sounds like a fun time guys, but watch out for Denny grinding in his tactical underwear Bill. (no pics...please.)

Yeah, Steve, the "Justified" film crew is already set up. I'll be the toothless guy and Bill will be the guy that talks funny.

Rudy, the temps are supposed to be around 50 next week so I may have my tactical long-johns on.

I am really looking forward to this next week - I just hope we have enough belts to get through all the blanks we have to grind. There's going to be some serious sparks flying from dawn into the wee hours. My shop fridge is loaded up with Guiness and Bud so there will be a lot of that disappear over the week. Bill said he can't wait to try possum and fried taters with squirrel gravy.
Josh, thanks for the compliment! I sure enjoyed talking to you over a few longnecks at Blade. Hope you'll be there again this year.
Do those tactical long johns have a flame retardent rear flap? If so, I would stock in a few qts of IG's heat treat relish.
I'm just sayin.
So how do you find the possum for dinner ?:les:

Drive around until you either hit one or find one on the side of the road ?:yes: There's probably a very good reason why Denny does the only possum stir fry in the state. They're nasty smellin creatures, probably taste how they smell.:what!: You're a brave man Bill.

Thank you Mr. Janik for yet another nightmarish picture I won't be able to shake for a while.:scared:

Have fun guys,
Bill, while you are down at Denny's tell him you want him to bring you on down here for a day. I'm just down the road and across the state line from him.
Steve, I've got enough of IG's Heat Treat Relish to take out North Korea and half of Iran. I've been introducing the in-laws to it on a steady basis. After recovery, and threats to burn our house down, they quit coming around at dinner time for free vittles. I love it when a plan comes together.
Leaving in a few .. gotta catch the 5:11 to NYC , then the 6:45 to KY .
Looking forward to the trip ... I'll tell Denny for sure Wayne !!!