Heads Up!


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I ordered a few items from USA knife makers and received a damaged box with no merchandise :(.
I guess it’s the season to be wary and to make sure all the goods are secured and the box corners taped up good.
I’ve let Tracy know. Hope the box was damaged and not vandalized. May need to leave ‘knife’ out of the address.

C Craft

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Yep Tracy will take care of you. Good people to work with! Who was the carrier?

I worked on a snack bar renovation that was inside of a large postal facility, USPS locally. Almost got clobbered with a package they had thrown at the different push carts going to different areas. They would stand at the conveyer belt and as they came off the big truck, while sorting they would throw the packages to the appropriate cart anywhere from 10 - 12 feet from the conveyer. The one that almost hit me, when I bent down to pick it up the guy points it goes in that cart, sorry about the throw!! I looked down as I picked it up, and it was marked fragile. Couldn't help but laugh and shake my head!! No wonder fragile stuff gets broke in the mail!!

Heavy items often come thru boxes. I ordered some wrought when they tore down the big Grainery up on the Great Lakes! When it got here it had a hole in it and about half of the order was missing! So between the company I bought it from and Fed-ex doing a company investigation after I turned in the photos of the box, it all got took care of. The next order came wrapped with pieces of conveyer belt around it to keep the steel from punching thru, and about a half of roll of reinforced tape!! But hey it stayed together!! Fed-ex found the missing stuff at one of their facilities and sent it to me! I called the lady that I had dealt with and she told me just to keep it! When I asked if she was sure, that if they would cover the postage I would send it back. She just laughed and consider it good karma!! :cool:

Anything with knives on it may be subject to sticky fingers!! Throw it on the ground a couple of times and what falls out never makes it to the destination. Just an empty box.

As you know it is the season,...…………………. for package thieves but they usually take the whole thing!!


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USPS was the carrier. I'm going to file a complaint on their website. The deliverer should not have left the package, but then again maybe he didn't notice the damage as there was other mail as well.