Hey folks, I am trying to identify this knife.

So first thing, I dont know if I am posting this in the right section I have never been great at forums. I have this knife that my boss gave me. It was found in a box with items from 1915-1940s. It was a lot rustier than the pictures show. It has no stamp on it, no year it was made in, nothing. I was curious if anyone could Identify it. If it seems like pictures are redundant it is because I took pics of both sides.

knife 1.jpgknife 2.jpgknife 4.jpgknife 3.jpgknife 5.jpgknife 6.jpgknife 7.jpg

Thanks in advance!


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I have one kind of like that one, it has diffrent handle material mine has wood with a synthetic spacer material, brass gaurd and aluminum pommel. Is the pommel aluminum on yours? Mine says western trailing point and made in western usa. It looks to me that it is the same knife just somone changed the handle material, i dont think synthetic/composite mother of pearl was made until the 80s and thats what it looks likt to me. But i am no expert just my opinion.
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My Dad had one like it and it was a Western and the guard and pommel was aluminum on it ., That is all I remember .
Yeah the pommel looks to be aluminium. Thats very interesting. It does sound like we have the same knife, just different handles. Thank you guys for your help!