HHH Damascus Hatchet & Knife Set


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Long time ago in a not so far away land; I asked Randy if he could make me a small hatchet to use for splitting the pelvic bone on an elk or deer. I wanted it small enough to carry in a pack or on a belt. It had to be very stout and heavy enough to make a good cut when wielded. Then to complicate things I wanted it made from Damascus and hopefully one of a kind pattern. To make things even more interesting I asked for a San Mai edge AND a sheath knife to match, of a specific design I really liked! To my surprise, he agreed.

After impatiently waiting waiting for what seemed forever, today I received the Damascus Hatchet and Knife set that Randy and his son made for me:

I have to say that when I saw the pictures posted here on KD I was shocked at how great they looked. Of course I was sure pleased with what I saw.
Today they were delivered along with the custom made sheaths. I was stunned! They are 1000% better than I expected. The artistic talent of Randy and his son is too good for words. I really canot find the correct words to define these two pieces. Nor can I find the words to say how pleased I am..There is no doubt that I can, and will highly recommend them to anyone looking for a custom kinfe
That's a nice looking set of cutlery you have.Randy and his son did a fine job.I know you are pleased.